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The Lord Jesus Christ and the Virgen Mary speak about nuclear war and abortion



October 12, 1998 

Monthly Message to All Nations

Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says: "Praise be Jesus. I invite you to see that the Eternal Father holds a plan in his Heart for the world and all humanity."

"It is not ours to see how every piece fits in the puzzle, or the amount of time it takes to come together; but, we know the final outcome will be the conformity of man's will to the Will of God." 

"Many events must take place first. It is necessary in order for the pieces to fit. Some events will carry with them an awakening as to the power of God, and the uselessness of money, power, and status in the world."

"All will take place to show mankind the necessity of relying upon God's grace and strength, and upon each other. And so, people will be brought to the footpath of Holy Love. Those who rely on their own efforts will be lost." 

"Do not live in fear, as Satan would have it. Live in Holy Love, as though My Son, Jesus had already returned. Then you will be given grace to see the path and the way." 

"It is during these days of trial that are to come, each one's strengths and weaknesses will be brought to light. And so, My children, I am asking you to prepare interiorly, through My message of Holy Love." 

"Dear children, today I remind you that I come to you so that all nations and all people will be reconciled to their Creator. Realize, My dear children, that annihilation by a nuclear power is not a deterrent to war for some leaders in the world."

"This is why, dear children, I call you to realize this simple and humble message of Holy Love can bring lasting peace into the world." 

Maureen asks Blessed Mother if She will heal some of the people here today. She says: "My daughter, some will be healed; more will be healed on December 12th; and others will conform their will to the Will of God through the cross." 

Jesus is now with Blessed Mother. The United Hearts Blessing is given.


April 5, 2002 

Monthly Message to All Nations


Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says: "Praise be to Jesus." Jesus and Our Lady greet Father Kenney (Maureen's spiritual director) by nodding Their Heads toward him, and a light came from Blessed Mother's Heart onto Father Kenney. 

Jesus: "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. My brothers and sisters, do not languish longer in disbelief, for this is the compromise Satan presents to you, to keep you from living the message of Holy and Divine Love. Nor should you allow your hearts to give in to the temptation of discouragement and fear. Trust in Me--trust in My Mercy. Await with joyful hope the coming victory of Our United Hearts."

"I have come to bring peace to hearts--hearts that will trust in My Mercy. My Divine Mercy is from age to age and from horizon to horizon upon the repentant heart. My Mercy falls upon all mankind, not out of deservedness, but out of each one's need." 

"Once again I remind you that those who love Me--trust in Me. To trust in Me is to trust in the attribute of My Mercy. It is the unrepentant whose hearts I have come to change. These are the ones who do not look into their own hearts. They do not try to earn their salvation through love. This is why the world is torn asunder with every kind of sin. The fruit of these sins is war. Because so little value is placed upon human life, the sins today far outweigh the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah." 

"This is why the message and the mission here of Holy and Divine Love far exceed any in attempting to form hearts in love. This is why the messages lay bare Satan--his snares and his tactics. Do not be surprised at the inroads Satan has made where he is exposed, or the types of sins which are now coming to light."

"This could not remain under the cover of darkness longer. While it is bringing down those in high places, even within the Church, it is necessary in order that the festering sore be healed. Many consciences now will be stripped of their compromise. Just as the mission here is the salvation of souls, it must be so in My Church, as well. Reputation and money cannot be first. All must be surrendered to Me." 

"I tell you the greatest threat to mankind today is not terrorism, certain infamous and elusive leaders or even nuclear weapons. The greatest threat is the evil hidden in hearts that would exceed any lengths to obtain its end. I tell you there is an evil alliance forming in certain hearts which will come to light soon. This is not a war over territories or boundaries, but a war between good and evil." 

"The mission here--though ecumenical--will continue as a strong link to orthodoxy and tradition. It will become even stronger and sought out as a spiritual refuge amidst blight. The boundaries of this mission will expand, both in hearts and in the world. The enemy's tongue will be tied. He will be seen to trip over his own tail. He will be seen to be like a lion without teeth or claws--harmless in the face of the good My mission will accomplish." 

"The Rosary of the Unborn will become the weapon of choice, both in Heaven and on earth in the waragainst abortion--so prepare for this. Take up your arms, children of God. Prepare! Stalemates which have affected My mission until now will be resolved. Projects will continue and begin anew. Those who defend and assist this mission, I will defend and assist. Those who make themselves your adversaries are My adversaries, as well." 

"Today We are blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts." 


August 13, 2006 

Second Sunday Service to Pray against Abortion


Jesus is here with His Heart exposed. He says: "I am your Jesus, born Incarnate." 

"Today, My brothers and sisters, you fear--and with good cause--the event of a nuclear war. This is because many hearts are convoluted and do not recognize the truth or who inspires their thoughts.


You fear such a war because of nuclear fallout, and yet, I tell you, that the fallout from praying the Rosary of the Unborn is much more powerful than any nuclearbomb. You will not have an end to these threats against world peace until abortion is eliminated." 

"I'm blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love."